The SC-Tech License Plate

Georgia Tech was the FIRST non-South Carolina school to have an official South Carolina license plate.

On behalf of GT friends, family and alumni across South Carolina, please consider applying for a tag- a portion of your fee will support Georgia Tech students from South Carolina!

How to Apply

GT license tags are now available from SC DMV.

According to SC DMV, "Georgia Tech license plates are $70.00 plus the registration fee. A portion of the special plate fee will be used for scholarships to Georgia Tech students from South Carolina. You may use Form MV-95 to apply for these plates. This plate can be purchased for cars or light trucks with an empty weight of 9,000 pounds or less and a gross vehicle weight of 11,000 pounds or less."

The Long-Term Benefits

Of the $70 collected for each tag (purchased and renewed), approximately $40 for each tag will be returned to the Georgia Tech Foundation on a monthly basis with a correspondence to advise the number of tags purchased by S.C. ZIP code.

Twice per year the Foundation, with support from the GT Alumni Association, will disperse the funds by allocated zip code, into the respective S.C. Georgia Tech Foundation network scholarship accounts.

The money will be used to provide scholarship support to students attending GT qualified and approved by the respective networks.